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Canadian Resident Cases

Given the Western District of Washington's close proximity to the Canadian border, frequently Canadian citizens are arrested in the United States. Due to their citizenship, immigration requirements, and their charges, they are generally not allowed to stay within the United States.  As a result, Pretrial Services created a supervision program which allows Canadian defendants to be released to British Columbia provided their background meets the criteria to be released and they are willing to comply with the following:

  • The ability to pay for drug testing in Canada, if applicable.  The cost of testing is a minimum of $75 per test and could be required on a weekly basis.
  • Defendants are required to pay for all costs of required substance abuse or mental health counseling, if ordered by the Court.
  • A willingness to travel to the U.S. - Canadian border to meet with an officer on a monthly basis.
  • Surrender all current and expired passports, if required to do so.
  • All travel is restricted to the Western District of Washington and British Columbia, or as directed by Pretrial Services.

Re-entry into the United States:

Once a Canadian defendant returns to Canada, they will need to be officially "paroled" back into the U.S. when they need to appear for court or meet with counsel. Pretrial Services works closely with the defendant, defense counsel and the AUSA to coordinate these "paroles."  Defendants must communicate their travel plans well in advance of their need to enter the United States.  Officers will assist in coordinating with the AUSA regarding the specific time the defendant will arrive at the border and the length of time they will need to be in the United States.

Table of Canadian Absconders

Calendar Year Number of Canadian Cases in Supervision Number of Absconders Percent Absconded from Supervision
2006 70 9 12.86%
2007 50 2 4.00%
2008 38 4 10.53%
2009 30 1 3.33%
2010 34 1 2.94%
2011 22 0 0.00%
2012 11 0 0.00%
2013 13 0 0.00%
2014 7 0 0.00%
2015 6 1 16.67%
2016* 8 0 0.00%

*=Calendar Year to date, as of 11/09/2016