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FAQs - Post Conviction

I have a family member/friend who is scheduled to be released from prison. They were convicted in federal court in another district or state but want to reside in the Western District of Washington. How can his/her case be transferred?

The defendant must request relocation approval through his/her case manager at the Bureau of Prisons. When a request is made by the case manager, the probation office will conduct an investigation to determine if relocation is appropriate and report its findings to the Bureau of Prisons and the sentencing district. If relocation is granted, a subsequent transfer of jurisdiction may occur.

I released from federal prison, how soon do I have to report for supervision?

Once released from custody, you are required to report to the probation office within 72 hours of release, which includes weekends and holidays. Failure to report will constitute grounds for a violation of supervised release. Please call the probation office between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm for instructions on where to report.

Seattle office: 206-370-8550
Tacoma office: 253-882-3730
Everett office: 425-249-7000
Tukwila office: 206-428-1720
Vancouver office: 360-326-7855

If you were convicted in another district, please contact the probation office in the district in which were convicted and report to probation office nearest to your location for further instructions.

What is the difference between probation, parole, and supervised release?

  • Probation is a term of community supervision imposed by the court in lieu of a prison sentence.
  • Parole is a period of community supervision imposed by the U.S. Parole Commission to be completed after release from a prison term.
  • Supervised release is a period of community supervision imposed by the court to be completed after release from a prison term.

What are the standard conditions of supervision the court must impose?

The court requires individuals on supervision to abide by certain rules. These rules are called conditions of supervision. Here is a list of standard conditions of supervision.

I am on probation/supervised release. Am I allowed to leave the state? 

While on supervision, you are allowed to travel freely within the Western District of Washington. To travel outside of the district, approval is required from your probation officer or the court. All international travel requests must be approved by the court. Failure to do so may result in a violation of your supervision.

How can I have my probation/supervised release terminated early?

You are eligible to request early termination from probation or supervised release under the following circumstances:

  • After you have completed at least one year of supervised release or probation on a felony case, your attorney or your probation officer can petition the Court to request early termination.
  • The court can terminate terms of misdemeanor probation at any time during the course of supervision.

If you have been convicted of a serious felony and/or have a history of violence, your case will not be considered for early termination.