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FAQs - Location Monitoring

How do I get approved to leave home?

All requests must be made in advance with two business days notice. The name, address, and phone number of the location must be provided at the time of the request. You need approval prior to leaving home.

Will I be able to work?

If employed, you will be allowed up to 50 hours of work per week plus up to an additional 10 hours for commuting per week.

What if I go to school?

You must provide proof of your school schedule prior to commencing classes; attendance records must be provided upon request.  School and work schedules combined may not exceed 50 hours per week

Will I be able to attend my religious services?

You will be allowed to attend one service per week, for up to five (5) hours.

What if I have a medical emergency?

For emergency medical care, you are permitted to visit the nearest emergency room or urgent care clinic. You must provide verification of the hospital visit upon discharge.

Do I get any recreational time to spend with family and friends outside of the home?

After 30 days, earned leave time is awarded if you are in full compliance with the program rules.

Can the ankle bracelet get wet?

The tracker or transmitter is waterproof; however, soaking the device in water or swimming is not permitted.

How often do I charge my GPS monitor?

The GPS device must be fully charged at least two (2) times daily.

Where do I send my monitoring payment?

For Pretrial supervision, the payments are sent to the Court Clerk’s Office in Seattle.
For Post-Conviction the payments are sent directly to the monitoring company. Addresses are available upon request.